Friday, January 30, 2009

twelve something in the am. =O

i'm laying in bed. minding my own. kinda drifting into dreamland. then there's a knock on the door. my roomie answers it. i hear manly voices. lol. who is that? its brandon && marquiis. they're 2 pretty cool dudes i've met since my first quarter. but the point of my story is... brandon looks at me and says, "you don't look that attractive." LMAO. fa real tho?? i'm on my way to sleep. am i supposed to look gorgeous 24/7? i honestly think it's impossible. share your thoughts... please. =] 


zena said...

deonna i could right a full novel on this paragraph but i will make it short...Brandon is a jerk.

ps you made a mistake ...when you said that "they're 2 pretty cool dudes i've met since my first quarter" should either delete the sentence or just say that marquiis is cool. because for a person that does not truly now you they might think that you think that brandon is cool. And after that inappropriate comment we know that he is not cool.

PPS i cant wait to see you too at the dormal
hahha the perfect couple, i am still confused by all of this but it will be worth the wait :) pics of your new hair!!!
...and what Brandon thinks about it(facebook Brandon and real Brandon) lol

i hope this was not to confusing!

zena said...

Oh i forgot to tell you that your look great no matter what time of day it is....even though i would not truly now this lol luv ya

deonna said...

lol. zena, you just made me smile with those comments.

zena said...

wait i just remembered the last day of STEP when we stayed up for the whole day/night...that sounds so weird but you know what i am talking therefore i know for a fact that you look great no matter what time of day it is.