Friday, March 20, 2009

happy happy happy.

WARNING: this is going to be very very long.
I am happy. I thank God for allowing me to have this feeling. =)
I'm living the good life. for shizzle, my nizzle. and i shall update you.

i miss best friend. thass my hoe, fa real!!! this is her.
and i will see her tomorrow. yay!!

we were having a convo a couple days ago. here it is...
BEST FRIEND: have u ever second guessed ur religion?
me: yeah. i thought, "what if i believe in the wrong thing, and i end up not going to heaven... like, how do i know for sure?"
me: but it's about having faith.
BEST FRIEND: yea...cua today i was do u punish ppl for serving the wrong thing if they dont kow
me: it's tough. idk, dude.
BEST FRIEND: theres a lot of what ifs when it comes to religion
me: i would have to totally agree with that. but i truly believe God created us, and that Jesus died on the cross.
me: like when I pray, study my bible, praise him and all that good stuff, life gets a lot better for me.
me: like, how can that just randomly happen?
BEST FRIEND: i used to think there was one higher power..and he rewarded u on ur faith whether u were christian or not and as long as u praise that higher power and ur faith is consistant then he'll take care of u
BEST FRIEND: well..i still think that
BEST FRIEND: makes sense?
me: yeah. i believe that too.
me: i've always been iffy on categorizing myself into a religion.
me: especially Christianity because there are a lot of hypocritical aspects of it.
BEST FRIEND: and those who dont have a higher power..well..lets just say i never hear of ppl that are super happy that falls under that category
me: yeah. me either.
me: that's a good point. never really realized it.
BEST FRIEND: soo. the kids at work did that whole jew thing again today
BEST FRIEND: im like wtf r u guys bein taught
me: jew thing. again?
me: i don't remember a jew thing.
BEST FRIEND: get outta here u stinkin jew
BEST FRIEND: hahaha u a jew
BEST FRIEND: we dont like jews
BEST FRIEND: no jews allowed!
me: weird!
BEST FRIEND: u think friends have the talks we do?
me: when did they start this?
me: uhmmmm. no.
BEST FRIEND: when i started work
me: not many.
me: i think a lot of people are superficial.
BEST FRIEND: what u mean ..u know im slow
BEST FRIEND: like they dont look past what they were taught
me: naw. i was thinking more along the lines of they talk about stuff that simply does not matter.

me and best friend be having these randomly deep conversations. and i'm feeling like this one was really necessary with me constantly trying to seek God, and build a close personal relationship with Him. also, this furthers my belief that hate starts at an early age. best friend works at a day care with children around the ages of 2-5. and for them to be talking about how they hate jews makes no sense to me. where did they get this from. i am really feeling the need to be an activist. maybe that'll be my career. stuff like this irks my soul. we truly need PEACE & LOVE in the world..

i got one more final. which will be a piece of cake.
then i'm headed back to my hometown, LOS ANGELES!!
never thought i would say this, but since being in school...


i love love love LA. 
and i can't wait to be back for 3 months.
starting june 12th.
i'm excited for summer time.
i will be working, on my grind.
and taking a couple classes.
and i'm pretty sure, it will be a good summer.

ANYWHO... at davis,
these past couple weeks have been AMAZING!!
i have a job for next year. and i just got a call...
to be a PEACE trainer. this is unpaid. but i'm passionate about it.
soooooo, it don't even matter. i can't wait for sophomore year.
i'll have my job && an apartment with my girls. =)
i'll have brooklyn [el caro] up here with me.
i'll have time to do more exciting things, and more money.
but anywho... i'll only have one week in the city of angels...
then it's spring quarter and back to the books.
but i hear spring quarter is thee best. so, i'm excited.
it's gonna be busy tho. and i will be home a lil more often next quarter.
check out
this is my place of employment. =)

with classes and hecka other stuff to do winter quarter.
i didn't have much time to do stuff i enjoy.
with that said, once classes were over and i didn't have many finals to study for...

i'm only on page 11. but so far i am so loving it.
i'll totally update if i have any other thoughts on the book.

i'm pretty sure i had a lot more to say. but i can't think of anything right now. and i really need to finish packing. so, be easy. peace!! hopefully, i'll be able to post more often next quarter.
and hopefully, my post will be better. FOLLOW ME. =)

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