Monday, April 27, 2009

do NOT do it.

STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am tired of all the lies. A guy I go to school with likes me. I thought he was cool but there were these terrible situations where he was always the bad guy. NOT POPPIN'!!! And he keeps trying to impress me all these lies and evolve into someone that he clearly isn't. So basically, stuff just keeps building up against him. [current situation: I am not a big fan of smokers and drinkers. He knows this. He lied to my face about being high. He lied about drinking before he went to a party. I have evidence!!!! He still denies. I will never understand.] He denies that he's lying. And I know the truth. Lying is a major turn off for me. I have no sympathy for guys that just straight up lie to me because clearly, they don't care about my feelings in the first place.

I don't think it takes that much to make me genuinely happy. Honesty, respect for me, himself, your mom and everyone else he comes in contact with, concern for my well-being, intelligence, having goals and plans on how to reach them, humor, and being down to earth and down to try new things is (pretty much) all I really need. I may have missed a few factors but yeah... you get the just.

Because of the lack of "brothas" at UCD and the fact that I can't be in two places at once, I haven't really been searching for a guy to make mine but a few have been coming my way. Most of them have dropped the ball. But there is one that I might actually give a chance. (I'll keep you update on that. mmmmm. hmmmmm.) He's a nice guy and he might be proof that nice guys do not finish last.

Speaking of nice guys... I stumbled across this website,, that gives guys advice on how to treat girls and such. I read a few entries and it's pretty legit. Check it out.

Despite the new prospects, I can't help but wonder if the guy I'm meant to be with has passed me by... =/ I would really hope not but we shall see what unfolds in the next few months. I'm feeling like this summer is going to be full of eye-opening events.

I know this is all over the place so here are the...
Main Points (of this entry):
I. Do NOT lie to girls.
II. It does not take that much to please a girl.
III. Nice guys don't always finish last.
V. Love Lost? Summer?

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