Thursday, May 28, 2009


or the lack thereof... i have 1 week actual class left. to say that i'm ready for these 5 days + 2 days of finals to be over is an understatement. i love Davis (and most of the people here), but i miss home. a lot of my friends are already back and i can't wait to see them all. the year has been full of learning, learning and more learning of both material required for class, myself and people in general (the good, the bad and the ugly). nevertheless... this year has been wonderful. i wouldn't trade it for the world. i was a bit skeptical about attending UC Davis at first. i didn't know much about it and i'm just not really down for trees, cows and all other things agriculture. since september 2008 though, i came to the realization that maybe being one with nature isn't so shabby. i also took the "What UC do you belong to?" quiz. and guess what!! Davis it is. not that a facebook quiz can totally change my mind or anything. i'm just pointing it out. lol. anywho... back to the point this entry was supposed to be about. now, i am just having trouble getting the last of my work done. i feel like the year is already done when it's really not over. i've done well this fair so i ABSOLUTELY cannot drop the ball. any words of encouragement?

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