Tuesday, May 26, 2009

let's get drunk and act stupid!!!!

...or how about we stay sober and be the smart people we are... believe me, we can still have fun without taking 657,982,086 shots of patron (most definitely an over exaggeration, but i'm sure you get my point). being a freshman in college opens your eyes to a lot of things that weren't as readily available in high school. the top two substances that are possibly the easiest to get your hands on while on a college campus are drugs and alcohol. it's amazing, but not necessarily in a good way. students tend to overuse this products, get pissy drunk and remember nothing the next day. next thing you know, it becomes a habit. i'm not knocking anyone who drink and/or smokes, but the point i want to make is that people need to know their limits. i have never had to deal with crazy drunkies until now. in high school, i had friends that had a couple drinks and i admit that i've taken a few sips. nevertheless, we knew our limits. schools almost over, a lot of people i started with are still here but they're starting to do some crazy things. it may not affect everyone for the worse, but i'm sure some will face some terrible consequences. every weekend for about a month, people have come to the dorms drunk. and a few times, i had to be the babysitter. unfair? yes, i agree. i just don't understand the concept of getting drunk to the point that you do not know what you're doing. i have a lot of fun without having alcohol in my system.

some have told me that drinking just adds another element to the fun. you're more free. last summer, i was at a kickback. my best friend and i were the ONLY sober people in a house of about 20. all of them were laughing and just seemed to be enjoying themselves with nothing holding them back. i, on the other hand, felt like i was thinking about everything that i chose to do. i contemplated getting a cup, pouring some liquor and just taking it to the head so i will also be experiencing that fun. at the end of the day, i opted out because i just couldn't. it's not my nature PLUS i hate the taste. a friend of mine said, "the drunk man tells the truth." i've seen that people speak their mind more when they're intoxicated. these are just some thoughts. if you have thoughts on this topic, leave them please.

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