Sunday, June 28, 2009

100th post!!

wassup fellow bloggers and/or followers!! as the title states, this is my 100th post. it's a time to celebrate!!! okay, well not really... but hey!!! i think it's cool.

TODAY: i learned that i love love love my fam!! i used to think they were all boring because all we ever talked about at our family functions was school, work and the weather! nonsense, i tell you!! it made me dread (yes, dread!!) going to thanksgiving dinner. and who doesn't love thanksgiving dinner?? i know i do!!! especially the desserts (but that's beside the point). i just felt like everyone had nothing good to talk about because they had no lives outside of school, work and worrying about the weather. lol. all bad!!! but over the past year, i have learned that there is so much more to these people that i call my family. i've brought this up because my mommy and i went to visit my uncle and big cousin today. i got some cool clothes from my aunt's closet which have just been sitting there for like 8 years. (R.I.P. auntie jean). watched old videos. listened to good music. and just talked. it was just hella cool. i will visit them more often for sure. =]

...lesson of the day: appreciate the people you have in your life. and really get to know them because they may have a lot to offer you. also, do whata you're passionate about, not what will make you the most money (and possibly lead to unhappiness). both of these things i had been thinking about, but talking to the fam has made it even more present in my mind. and they will really affect they rest of my future. speaking of my future, i need to go change a couple classes for fall quarter. they might determine my career path. hmmmmmm... i keep wondering where i will be this time in 3 years.

in other news, i have come to the conclusion that i attract the same kind of guys all the time... also, best friend's love life is the same way. and we've come the conclusion that we need to make hybrids. take a few traits from her boys and my boys and make a special one for each of us. lol. sounds legit, right? right!!

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