Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"and at the end of it all, it's you..."

i was listening to Q-Tip's "The Renaisance" and the song entitled "You" caught my attention (the title of this post are lyrics from the song). cause it seems like everytime i begin to talk to a new guy, i compare him to my "'first love", my high school sweet heart, the one my family loved. and yes, i am 18. i am young; it was that young love. despite the drama we went through, we were still together. at the end of it all it was him. and to be honest, it's probably still the same way. it's not like we broke up due to some sort of craziness; it was because we were going our separate ways in effort to further our education. 

a few days ago, my cousin and i were discussing how we never know what situations//who might come back into our lives in the most unexpected moments. and on that note, we're hanging out tomorrow. ahhhh!! we'll see how that goes. [i wonder if he's ever read this; i wonder if i have some private followers. omgosh. i'm scared now. lol. oh well.]

btw. if you don't have Q-Tip's album... cop it!! it's legit!!


Anonymous said...

lol! life is crazy like that.. you never know ... how the wind may blow.. =)

Shandra E...*the misses said...

as i bob my head to "Sooner Than Later" by Drake (dope song!), i can only laugh at all the irony...for both you, me, and this post!! ;D

deonna said...

starz, yeah... i want invent some sort of wind direction finder or something. lol. i don't really like not knowing what will happen.

shandra, i love that song! one of the best on "so far gone", i think. definitely relates to the post. well, kind of.