Tuesday, June 16, 2009


this is corduroy.
i love him. =]
i went to the mall yesterday, and i went to borders to by my bro a book for his summer reading assignment. i came across the book. i thought about buying it but you know, like i've said before, i'm a broke college student. therefore, i can't buy frivolous things like this. although i really really wanted to. =/

but here is the story behind Corduroy: i received him as a valentine's day gift of my boyfriend at the time. and he's been sleeping in my bed with me ever since. =] most girls would give these type of things back or keep them in some sort of "insert guy's name here" box. but we're still friends so i didn't see a need for that. but i can't help but think maybe i'm sooo attached to corduroy because i want "him" back. i mean, he was my "high school sweet heart" and we only broke up because of college. hmmmmm... i wonder what the future will hold.

BUT not the near future cause i NEED to stay single for a while... so i can get my life together---not that it's totally out of order or anything, but i need to be free from distractions, so i can focus on God and His will for my life. because without Him, i'll never know the guy i'm supposed to be with anyway. =]


a.r.v.y said...

OMG I love CORDUROY!!!!! That was like my fav book growing up. Nice blog!!

Check out mine

deonna said...

yes, the book is great. and thanks. =]