Thursday, June 18, 2009

book of the week

my homie gail used to call me a "smartie a$$" because my head was always in the books. [she's in the navy now, and i miss her a bunches. maybe i'll right her a letter later]. last night my homeboy knocked me for reading in the summer. hey!!! i love to read. can't help it. i don't go telling people they suck when they like to smoke, because it's something they enjoy. as my fellow PEACEr allison would say, "don't yuck my yum!" this is to say, just because you don't like something does not mean I can't... so let me enjoy mine while you enjoy yours, then maybe we can find something else that we BOTH enjoy later, and have fun with that. =]

geez, i totally went off on a tangent.

anywho... my mom gave me a book to read. it's sister souljah's "Midnight".


here's a synopsis via 

Sister Souljah, the hip-hop generation's number one author and most compelling storyteller, delivers a powerful story about love and loyalty, strength and family. In her bestselling novel, The Coldest Winter Ever, Sister Souljah introduced the world to Midnight, a brave but humble lieutenant to a prominent underworld businessman. Now, in a highly anticipated follow-up to her million-selling masterpiece, she brings readers into the life and dangerously close to the heart of this silent, fearless young man.

Raised in a wealthy, influential, Islamic African family, Midnight enjoys a life of comfort, confidence, and protection. Midnight's father provides him with a veil of privilege and deep, devoted love, but he never hides the truth about the fierce challenges of the world outside of his estate. So when Midnight's father's empire is attacked, he sends Midnight with his mother to the United States.

In the streets of Brooklyn, a young Midnight uses his Islamic mind-set and African intelligence to protect the ones he loves, build a business, reclaim his wealth and status, and remain true to his beliefs.

Midnight, a handsome and passionate young man, attracts many women. How he interacts and deals with them is a unique adventure. This is a highly sensual and tremendous love story about what a man is willing to risk and give to the women he loves most. Midnight will remain in your mind and beat in your heart for a lifetime.

Her "raw and true voice" (Publishers Weekly) will both soothe and arouse you. In a beautifully written and masterfully woven story, Sister Souljah has given us Midnight, and solidified her presence as the mother of all contemporary urban literature.

i started reading it last night, didn't really want to put it down but i needed my beauty sleep. i am absolutely loving it and i'm only on chapter 7/61. i recommend you go purchase it. i shall go read now. =]


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