Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friends! How many of us have them?

to my family, i have always been the girl with a lot of friends. they thought it was my way to make up for not having any cousins my age. and i must say that i agree whole-heartedly. every school i went to, i gained friends, and when i left they were still there, by my side. we would have sleepovers and just have a jolly good time. i still have friends from 4th grade that i'm close to. i count it as a blessing. nevertheless, it is often said that after you graduate from high school, "you will find out who your true friends are." and again, i couldn't agree with this more. summer after my 12th grade graduation was all good. everyone was hanging out and having a good time with one another before we all went our separate ways. over the past 9 months, it seems that i have lost common ground with people which has made the nature of the friendship just all bad. and i begin to question, "were we ever really friends in the first place?"

i have also seen people's attitudes and behaviors change for the worst, and in some cases stay the same. which is also bad because it is time to grow up. while it is good to have fun and slack off on occasion, we cannot be children forever. and although i think that would be wonderful, i can no longer be brought down by people that are not trying to do anything with their lives. like drake, "I just wanna be successful." and what better way to do that than by surrounding myself with other people that also want to be successful.

and at the end of the day, i really only need a few people to be down with me and i'll be good... so, why fight for something that is completely unnecessary to my well-being?

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it'sok2bu*nique* said...

definitely of course feel you on this one...very im floored at the question at the end