Wednesday, June 24, 2009

job hunting, and why it sucks.

ugh. ugh. and one more ugh! i don't like looking for a job, especially during this "recession" thing that we're going through. i had an interview this morning, it went well. BUT, i had some investigation done since i have connections and all. lol. =] and they liked what i had to say in my interview but the fact that i'll be leaving in a couple months is making them kind of hesitant on hiring me. =/ do they not understand that i need need need money?!?! if they do, they obviously do not care. but i'm having someone work on that for me.

with talk of connections, i thought that i was going to have a job as soon as i get back home and it kind of fell through. i guess in most cases it's who you know, BUT not all the time. 

if this does not work out, i guess i'll just be freeloading which i really do not like cause then i'm just so dependent. i'm 18, and since i'm "legal" i want to start bringing in my own money. if you have any suggestions or know any places hiring in the LA area, leave it in the comment box. =]

p.s. i'm beginning to think that it's not in God's will for me to work. pray for discernment, y'all.

p.p.s. here's me all dressed and ready for the interview. =]



i'm felt like a grade school teacher in those clothes. and i kind of like it. maybe that will be my profession. hmmmm...

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