Tuesday, June 16, 2009

she don't wanna come back to the hood?

NO!! I do not want to come back to the hood!!!!

I guess you can call me a resident of Compton. Most people consider it to be a terribly dangerous place. I haven't personally experienced any of this danger but stories I hear are just not something I want to deal with for with the rest of my life. After I graduate from Davis, I do NOT plan on moving back here. Some would probably call me a "sell-out" or something of that sort. BUT i beg to differ. Of course I'm going to come back and visit my fam. This is the city my grandma lives in and she will probably never leave. She's had the opportunity but this is where she's been since she was about 20 (and she's 85). I think older people tend to feel comfortable in the place they've been for most of their lives.

My question is, Who, in their right mind, would want to go back to a place where people that have done nothing to deserve being shot at, are being killed? I was talking to my grandma this morning and she told me that a few weeks back, a male high school graduate (and might I add that he was college-bound) got shot and killed. Why is stuff like this happening? This leads me to a reason why African and African American women outnumber men in universities by a large number. This past Saturday I went to the Black Graduation Celebration at my school. Out of about 100+ students graduating, only 10 were male. I am very proud of those men. I just keep wondering where are the rest? 

I love LA, believe me, I really do. But I refuse to stay in a place where no change is taking place. Or maybe, I should be the one to start the change.... HMMMMM...

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