Wednesday, June 24, 2009

what's with the craze?


just received my copy of rolling stone. and the jonas brothers are on it. a couple weeks ago lady ga ga was on the cover. i am just at a loss for words on why these people are so popular. i'm not here to knock anyone's hustle... but when did they do something so grand that they deserve so much popularity? i've been to plenty of blogs that highlight lady ga ga, her great music and fashion... but i have not been able to agree with any of the good things that people are saying. i find her songs to be really annoying. and just a little odd. the jonas brothers have been out for a while, and have just recently gained millions of crazed fans. i have to admit that i did buy their song "Love Bug" on iTunes, but that song is amazing. i just don't understand why teenage girls cry over meeting them and such. [but then again, about 5 years ago, i might have cried if i had the opportunity to meet j-boog from the now broken boy group B2K, or the whole n'sync crew. and i'm sure the generations before me would have cried to see new edition or al green live in concert and go backstage]. maybe i'm getting old, or maybe i just enjoy quality music. it just seems like as more generations are coming along, the more crappy the music gets. i wonder if my parents and grandparents feel the same about the music i like. give me your input.



Anonymous said...

:O wow!! I totally agree with everything you have put up there. Music is more of a way of making money now. :( it has lost its talent and meaning.

deonna said...

very true. and since there are a lot of free sharing sites for music, artist still aren't making that much money. and the artist that have true talent are having an even harder time trying to make it in the business.