Thursday, July 16, 2009

age ain't nothing but a number?

i feel like that [^^] is something a pedofile would use to justfy their actions. okay, maybe i am being a bit dramatic. but i do not agree with that statement. i am 18; a 50 or 60 year old should not try to get with me. that's just really awkard to me. a guy this age could be my dad, possibly even my grandfather.

real life scenario: i'm walking down the street minding my business, car pulls up as i'm crossing the entrance of a hospital. old guy is spitting some pick-up lines. there were two men in the car and one stated, "i just want to take a picture of you." ewwww! to say i was freaked out is an understatement. i walk back and the same car is headed in the opposite direction, there is only one guy at this point. he can very well pull out into the intersection and be on his merry way. instead, he stays where he is until i reach his vehicle. he questions where i'm going and asks what my name is. i'm thinking why does he need to know these things? and my question to you is, was it wrong for me to ignore him and keep it moving?

i don't think i look that old. (some one told me i looked 20 yesterday, but that is still pretty young). what does a grandpa want with me? lol.  i still have maturing to do. i'm just feeling like the oldest i can date is about 25. since it is common knowledge that women mature earlier than men, i feel like me might be on the same level.

how do you feel about this situation? what is your view on the whole age difference and dating situation? what are some of your experiences with this?


Shandra E...*the misses said...

and even 25 can be way too old for most 18 yr olds, so it really depends on the couple!!! But GIRL, I use to Ignore folks all the time!!! However, i got tired of hearing i was a stuck up "B*l*e*e*p"!!!! i just start entertaining their questions (more like wasting TIME!!) by at least saying hello, NO i'm not interested, don't need a friend, etc!!

but It's pathetic, when i first started college, i was barely 18 and some guy straight Grabbed me & HAD THE NERVE to get mad like i was being "cocky"??? ok HOW BOUT YOU DON'T take rejection that serious & never put your hands on a chick you don't know calling yourself getting her attention?!!...that dude straight cussed me out as he walked away with his friend (ego trippin)!!! I know where you coming from, Ooh I DO! if ignoring a brutha gets you in uncomfortable situations see what you can do to reject & keep it pushing at the same time...overall just be safe...all that "he in the car, driving slow, as you walk by", screams pedophile for sure to me!!!! X-/

d. said...

i agree that 25 may be pushing it; and i discussed this with my mom too. it depends on the maturity level of both individuals involved.

and that definitely pedofile-ish. i was scared. like, i thought he was gonna follow me or something. but i think i might start entertaining their questions (as long as i'm not in a rush, cause like you said it's more like "wasting time").

sheesh. men these days.