Sunday, July 19, 2009

an hour and some change...

until i'm stocking shelves 20 minutes away from my comfy bed. yes, i have to work tonight. BOOOO!! but i AM not here to complain because Lord knows, when i get that check, i will NOT be complaining.

but i will talk about work... it seems that the whole atmosphere of my place of employment resembles a high school. NO! more like a middle school. it's the whole "he likes you." "she did this." blah blah blah and more, blah blah blah. i don't understand it. we're all adults. as i work last night, i began to wonder if stuff like this happens everywhere. will i be stuck in this wherever i go? and without much thought, i answered my own questions. no, these situations do not take place everywhere. and won't be stuck in this forever. this is why i will continue to get my education. so, i can get out of these nonsense jobs. i just keep realizing more and more that i need to be around people that are mature. i might have a slightly old soul.

i want to write more, but i need to get ready for work. oOoOo!! fun!!! =]

p.s. i had a friend request earlier, i accepted. i didn't even know you could have friends on here. lol. how do you add people and how can you view your friends?

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Shandra E...*the misses said...

i know right??! i had a friend request a while back and a msg too?! people can even send you secret msgs on here?!! and that whole "anonymous" stuff creeps me out!! lol...but YES girl, i feel you...can't complain (well we can) but, like you, i choose not too...
There are too many people still searching for jobs...& i'm not even talking about on a corporate level only!!! some people with "corporate level educations" are still searching for minimun wage jobs!!! So i just Thank God i have an income!!!

and the whole "immaturity" at goes on everywhere; the older people get the wiser they are about "concealing" it...but yeah, "older" adults still act a fool too!! x-/