Thursday, July 30, 2009

in a week's time...

i feel like i've done a lot this week.
life is constantly changing, for the better.
in high school, my government teacher told me,
"the only thing constant is change."
and i believe that. do you?
also, once i've made a change...
there is NO returning to how it used to be.


so, i got my back to the to all the nonsense!! 
and if you've ever caused some of this nonsense, deuces!!!!

and on that note, i will update you on some happenings in my life:
[+] i deleted my myspace account. it was long overdue. i had the same one since 9th grade. lol. and it was just another tool i could use to waste precious time.
[-] i stopped working out for a couple weeks (and i felt bad about it).
[+] yesterday, my bestest and i went to the beach to run. it was painful because we're both out of shape. but a good workout is totally worth the great feeling you have after you're done. i just have to find a way to keep this going on in september and throughout the year (with school and extracurriculars).
[+] i got out of LA for a day. i was only about an hour away, but it felt good. we swam. sat in the jacuzzi. took a nap. ate. for the most part... it was wonderful. (besides the awkward 5th wheel fiasco)
[+] "i'm not a player; i just crush a lot" describes my current situation---more on that later!
[-] as i'm writing this, i'm beginning to realize that i am not as selfish as i was at the beginning of summer. i care about people's feelings, maybe a little too much.
[-] i feel bad that i don't feel bad about what went down. i think all parties to just keep it pushing. =]
[-] although i don't really like my job... i've decided  to stick it out. 4 weeks left of stocking shelves and cleaning up other people's messes. i'm ready!!! i felt like quitting a couple days ago. people were just really pissing me off. but i kept my cool. thank God!!
[+] i have a little over a month left until i'm back at school, in my first apartment with my car and bills to pay, coming into my adulthood fa real!! i'm excited!!
[+] intervention & girl talk!!! i love it. my girls and i got kind of deep yesterday.
[-/+] boys boys boys. can't live with them, can't live without them. i have none to really cut off since, i don't have anything serious going on right now. but in these past couple days i've come to realize you gotta be upfront with the male kind. lol. not doing so will have you stuck in the same situation for a long period of time.
[+] i'm ruthless!!! well, kind of. lol.
[+] before, i go back to school. i'm getting my nose re-pierced & i'm getting a tattoo. pictures will be posted once it's done. =]
[-] i miss hanging out with my mommy. =/ when i'm home, she's at work. and vice versa. it sucks!!
[+] all in all, i'm just hella happy!! despite the bits and pieces of negativity up there. lol.

p.s. i was writing a beyond long post last night. i planned on editing and posting it this morning... but now, i feel like there's no point. it was just me rambling on about stuff that we already know. when i've been enlightened, i'll post something grand. but for now, you just gotta work with me.

peace & love,


Shandra E...*the misses said...

so many things to comment on so i'll try to summarize!! lol...ok so YES if you don't keep it real with those them (dudes) i agree, in circles we will go...ring around the rosies...yada yada yada, ASHES ASHES...we all get burned!!! lol...and "i feel bad that i don't feel bad"...That's a lovely song by RASCAL FLATTS!!! idk if you like them, but yeah i love that song!! :)

Anonymous said...

totally agree with "the only thing constant is change." nothing can stay as it is.. like not exersizing.. just cause we stop.. our bodies don't.. lol.. we start getting out of shape.. our body gains FAT! lol.. (im only saying that.. cause like you... i fell off) reading this .. im inspired to take a run or something! .. and BOYS! ugh.. so true.. have to stay upfront.. cause they wont be. and like shandra e. said.. "circles" .. and tatoos.. i'm dying for another!!

d. said...

@shandra circles... oh how tired i am of them. i listened to that rascal flatts song when i first read your comment. i'm feeling it. never actually took the time to listen to their music.

@starz you are so right about our bodies not stopping. lol. it sucks. and then i think about "a minute on your lips, a lifetime on your hips" or something like that. this only happens if we don't work it off. so, get out there and run!!

also, i'm scared to get my tat but i really want it. eeek! =/