Tuesday, July 21, 2009

it was so sudden.

i was just looking at my blog. and trying to figure out how to make it better. people tell me it's nice. but if i'm not happy with it, i just cannot accept that. LOL. i started thinking the title "call me D" is much too simple for me, and where i want to go with this blog. even though i don't know exactly where i'm headed.. LOL.

i was listening to kanye's "robocop". the lyrics went, "you spoiled little LA girl, you're just an LA girl." it describes me in a sense. but i am NOT just an "LA girl"; i am much more than that. and i want to show people that. there is more than meets the eye. =]

i also want a whole new layout. i'm getting kind of bored of this one. i'm thinking i want a custom one. i've never made one myself but i might try. also, if you (or know someone who) make(s) layouts. get at me. leave a comment. myspace. facebook. twitter. whatever network you please. =]


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