Friday, July 10, 2009

the jazzminn and deonna show: live stream?

yes! you read it right, people. LIVE STREAM. lately, my life has consisted of work, sleep, food... a few droplets of fun here and there. (and the rest just time wasted on tv or the computer). lol. this is the same for my best friend, jazzminn. she has this grand idea to start "The Jazzminn and Deonna Show". you may (or may not) have seen a few celebs that have live streams (i.e. Teyana Taylor-spell check! and Soulja Boy. lol). so yeah, with out spare time, while we're just sitting around... we're gonna have our own little show. if you're ever bored or need a laugh, you should definitely watch us. if we're not too tired from work, we're gonna start tomorrow. and i will post a link to the site when we begin. also, i will give updates on my twitter account. above there is a link to my twitter so feel free to follow me there. hopefully this all works out. and we might even become famous. lol. (but that's probably unlikely). ha ha ha.

peace & love,

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