Wednesday, July 29, 2009

you actually know who your father is?

funny (yet problematic) conversation with a co-worker:
him: so deonna, do you have any tattoos?
me: no but i'm thinking about getting one.
him: really? what you gonna get? your GPA on your arm? (for some reason, i'm like the school girl or something. lol).
me: lol. no.
him: you seem like one of those girls who knows who her dad is and was brought up in a home with morals and stuff like that.
me: (i couldn't help but laugh) yeah, something like that
him: well, my dad is famous. he been on america's most wanted, cops, american gangsta (and he proceeded to name even more shows of that nature that i hadn't even heard of).

i didn't know whether to take this seriously or laugh. i actually laughed (and for some reason i felt kind of bad).
my question is... why is it normal for people not to know who their father is? he said,"you seem like one of those girls who knows who her dad is", as if i was the person that wasn't normal. that is NOT okay! but unfortunately for many communities that are categorized as "minorities", the father is not present in the the lives of the children that they helped create. it takes two, baby!!!

anywho... give me your thoughts.


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$$*lalaleezy*$$&&dUh! said...

i think thats sad but true