Tuesday, August 25, 2009

jesse boykins iii

I might have a slight obsession with this dude. here are a few of my favorite videos of him. His album (well, 2 albums) is currently available on iTunes. He often performs in NY, as well as a few other states on the east coast. I'm going to need him to come to CA soon or maybe I can go to NY next summer for a little treat to myself for having a great school year (yes, I believe in myself). :) He's a pretty cool dude. I sent him a message on facebook and he actually responded. That made me smile. Lol. Anywho... you've heard enough about me. ENJOY!!


STreeTdIVa said...

the pantyhose song is hott <3

withlove__starz said...

wheeeew!! i remember when i first ran across his myspace i got all excited.. i love hearing new music and new voices!! i never saw these before!! thnx 4 posting!!

d. said...

yeah. he has talent. no problem.