Sunday, August 9, 2009

let the countdown begin!

14 days of work and...
24 days til i throw up the dueces to the city of angels. 
it's bitterSWEET, really.
i want to hate this city so badly. 
with the overpopulation, terrible traffic & smog.
but i should probably be used to these things...
since i've been here most of my life.
and that's just it. i'm tired of it!!!
and things are just changing.
for the best, i think.
like i know like after college i will not be returning to live.
(NYC for grad school, maybe?)
i guess i'll just come visit around the holidays.
but my people are here (best friends & family, of course)...
i'll miss them a bunches.
decisions, decisions.
good thing i have a few years to think this through.

peace & <3,

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