Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I very rarely hold conversations on the phone unless it's with family or one of my close friends. Last night, one of my new guy friends asked if he could call. "Sure" was my reply. We talked for about 1.5 hours. It was cool. Talked about our like for music and poetry. He read a few of his to me. I realized I hadn't written in a while. While I was home doing nothing today, I decided to write. Here we go. I'm a little rusty. Hope you enjoy!

Like Jennifer Hudson in “Dream Girls”…
I am changing.
I just keep wondering if it’s for the best.

I’ve always been that good girl.
That turn in my homework on time,
Do whatever my mama says at the drop of a dime…
Good girl.

I was the girl that had a crush on a boy in 5th grade…
But never said a word.
I was the girl who didn’t raise her hand in class…
Because I was afraid I wouldn’t be heard.

I was that girl…
Until I got to high school.

In 9th grade,
I dropped that “baby fat”… I was looking good.
The boys agreed.
So, I was that girl getting attention.
The girl who was new to this.
I was naïve.

In 10th grade,
I was the girl looking for a change…
But ended up being the same.
I was that girl who was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

In 11th grade,
I was the girl who was gaining popularity…
Even though I didn’t really want it.
I was that girl who won “Winter Formal Queen”…
And didn’t know why.

In 12th grade,
I was the girl that found you…
Although I was never looking.
I was that girl that let her guard down,
To embrace the possibilities of love.

Only to be let down by distance,
With a dash of growth and time.
Neither of us could stop this progression.

They say the only thing constant is change…
Yet two years later…
I am the same girl… with my heart open.
Like India.Arie, “I am ready for love.”
So, I can’t help but wonder if anything has really changed.

Be looking out for more from me.
Video blog when I get out of this meeting.

Peace & Love,


Shandra E...*the misses said...

LOVED IT!!! *snappin' it up ;) You should definitely keep this coming!!

d. said...

thank you! :)