Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Snippet of my Week.


Hello, my lovelies!!! This week has been full of fun. From actually enjoying 2/4 of my classes --- and hating the other 2 (one of which I dropped. I just could NOT do it) --- to bowling and having Bible study with the African Diaspora Community of Davis to going from meeting to meeting, I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Yesterday, I decided to get my nose (re)pierced and it turned into a staff outting, which was fun. Unfortunately, I feel like this overload of fun has brought me to become sick. :( It absolutely sucks!! I would have to blow my nose virtually nonstop the day after I get my nose pierced. =/ But I'm gonna keep on thanking God, because I could be laying 6 feet under right now but I'm sitting comfortably in my living room with my wonderful roommates (BTW, i love them!). That is all about my life right now. I'll probably be making more post today. If not, I'm probably blowing my nose or something. Lol.

Peace & Love,

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