Monday, October 5, 2009

London Town.


I really want to study abroad this summer (and possibly for a quarter my 3rd year). Actually, I wanted to study abroad this past summer but I thought about applying too late. My roommate and I both want to go to London (but I also want to visit Spain, Japan, Brazil and a lot of other countries). We're going to the Education Abroad Center on my campus to check out programs this week. God willing, I will be overseas in July or August of Summer 2010. Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to grow and gain another perspective of the world at large. I think every student should take advantage of this at least once during their undergraduate careers. One downfall of studying abroad in the summer is not being able to have much time at home with family and friends. I go to school 7 hours (driving) or 1.2 hours (flying) so I don't go home often. :( I'm trying to figure out if I should do this or not.

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