Monday, December 14, 2009

Jasmine: I want to know more about this Derrick guy... you don't write that much about him in your blog.
Me: I do write about him.
Jasmine: All I read was that you had a boyfriend.
Me: You don't write about Jared on your blog.
Jasmine: Yes, I do.
Me: *thinking back & I realize she does* Well, Derrick reads my blog... it's kind of weird.
Jasmine: Jared reads mine too.

This conversation got me thinking. I really haven't said much about my boyfriend on here. I began to wonder why. The original plan for this blog was to be about my personal life, then it shifted to a whole bunch of randomness. And now, it's become a mesh of everything I'm interested it and not so much about everything going on in my life, besides the "once in a blue moon" updates. And now, I have no idea where I want this to go. I just want people to read & enjoy so I shall just go with the flow---and pray for the best. I aspire to inspire.

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