Thursday, March 18, 2010

just because...

sorry for the hiatus...
i LOVE you all for not unfollowing. :)
between work, school and extracurriculars...
[it's finals week.]
i've barely had time to talk to my best friends. sheesh!!
i'll be back in full force soon,

quick update: life is good!!
spring break is upon students of the UC system,
so, i'm happy about that...
i'm not doing anything spectacular,
but i get to see the fam, LA friends and my HB.
what more can i ask for?
and i'm thinking spring quarter is going to be very exciting!!
i have a few things up my sleeve too. yay!!

peace and love,

1 comment:

oso ABC said...

oh it's alright, girl. school and work gotta come first, plus when you wait, you have more to talk about.

check me out though, is reopened for music, and is the new personal one. i'll really keep this one though.