Thursday, July 1, 2010

Contemporary Fashion of Japan.

One of the reasons I am in Japan is to do a research project. Before I came though, I had no concrete idea of what I would be researching on. I didn't know who my research partners would be either. This idea made me kind of anxious. After a few days in Japan, my sensei hadn't talked about it much. I was a bit confused. How are we supposed to do a research project in three weeks? But alas, yesterday we discussed it. As a class, we brainstormed topics. Of course, I threw out the idea of researching something in relation to fashion. And my idea made it to the final cut. We got to choose our groups and needless to say, I will be conducting some research on the fashion of Japan. I'll probably get to use some the concepts I learned in my Textiles and Clothing class this past spring quarter. My research partners are driven, as am I. Excitement does not define my current feeling. I'm just so interested to find out the reasons behind some the fashion trends here. I've seen some things that should NOT be paired together but somehow work really well together. I wish I had taken pictures. But I'm sure I'll be doing that once we start making moves to different areas and surveying folks! Ready to get to work!!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you get to do a research on the fashion of Japan. That is really cool, and I know that once Z reads this she will be totally jealous. Make sure you document everything. I'm going to want a play by play (no excuses. And you might as well get out a blank piece of paper, but if you don't catch outfits on camera you can always draw it and describe what you show.


Yawning for more.