Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Going On A Diet

Yes, I am that blogger that goes on hiatus and there is a reason, multiple actually. Between taking 17 units, working, planning multiple events, trying to maintain a social life, a long distance relationship, and keeping in touch with family, I barely find time to take care of myself. Time has been the major underlying issue. I feel as though, the last month, I have not really had the time to sit down and write my thoughts down. Right now, I'm taking a break from studying, cause I believe I deserve it! :)

I've had a few conversations that led to the idea of "slowing down". I originally did not like the idea because there is just so much I want to do. There is no time to slow down. If anything, I felt like I should be speeding up. My thoughts were something putting in work on a constants basis is the only way to accomplish anything.

Not much has changed about my feelings toward putting in hard work, but trying to do TOO many things at once is not for me. Looking in retrospect, most projects that I have taken my time on have been most successful. When rushing, I end up blowing up because of how overwhelming everything seems to be. It ends up being a terrible look. The only way I can put time into something is to not have so much on my plate. In other words, I need to go on a diet. All of this food has me feeling mighty unhealthy.

I've noticed I have been nothing short of negative for the past month. It has been hard for me to look at the positive in situations. And this issue is all about perception. My mind is choosing to only see the bad. That is changing as I type this.


As of right now, I don't know what exactly I'm scraping off my plate, or if I really will, because I love everything I do. But I know that I can't let everything have control over me. That is just not cool. It may sound cliche but I feel like I have a slightly better outlook on life. And this just goes to show life is a journey, not a destination. You learn stuff along the way and take it with you. Learn anything new about life lately? Share it.


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