Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To be honest, the last couple months I've been feeling something different like everyday. Most days could have been given this rating:


I was frustrated with myself and people around me, on a constant basis. It was unhealthy. I gave most people the idea that I was always in control though. Of course there were those people that could just tell that I wasn't in a good space.

I tend to keep myself busy when I'm stressed and this quarter, I always had my hands in some project. I grew tired though and thought about throwing in the towel at some points without weighing out all the options and consequences that would follow.

Even though I said I would take time every once in a while to reflect on myself and what I could do to improve my life for the better, that got pushed to the back burner. I found myself complaining to my roommates a lot. I stopped talking to people at home as much as I was in January. And I started biting my tongue even more than usual.

Fortunately though, I've had a few good conversations with folks I trust. "Never underestimate the power of your voice" is what one person told me. Others said that I just needed to focus on myself and then worry about other things. I have chosen to take their advice. I'm getting back to happy. Back to when I smiled for no reason other than just being alive, which is a gift in itself.


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Anonymous said...

Never inhibit that smile for life, especially when it's so vibrant on you. You have much to smile for. Like I said, that smile warms me like a hot bowl of grits on a cold winter morning! Keep on smiling, keep on loving life.

A writer once told me, "Life is not fair, but Life is good."