Sunday, July 24, 2011


On Saturday morning, my Twitter timeline was filled with tweets and links about Amy Winehouse's death. I was surprised just because I had not heard much about her and when I do, it is kind of a big deal. I read the tweets, retweeted one and moved on with my life.

That day I was helping clean up and cook for a BBQ. The death of someone I did not know was not that important at the time. But on the ride to my apartment today, I thought about her death again. It's kind of sad. One of my roommate and I discussed how at one point we thought about where she was and hoped she was making a new album. She had talent and it sucks that addiction took her out.

And you know how a song can remind you of a moment in time. Well, Amy, "Tears Dry On Their Own" does that for me. My current roommate and I bonded over this song during an orientation program the summer before our freshman year.

Thanks for sharing your voice with us, Amy. Wish you could have shared more. RIP.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with how you felt at the begining. I acutually tweeted "Sad AW died..I send prayers to her fam and fans..but now I am about to eat get my day started" I wasnt trying to insensitive, I just wasnt a REALLY big fan. But I appreciate all art and talent and it is a tragedy.

I think its ironic that most outstanding artists have really messed up lives...

Michael Jackson
Janis Joplin
Jimmy Hendricks
Marvin Gaye
Bob Marley

list goes on

love and peace...thanks for your blog