Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Diggin' On You.

As displayed in previous posts, I am a lover of music. In turn, I like to peruse the iPods of my friends. Most recently, my roommate's sister (who has become a friend over the last couple months) was victim to my habit.

During my examination, I rediscovered the song above. And ever since I have been wanting to reinvest in TLC's Crazy Sexy Cool album. I was born in the early 90's so I do not remember everything of that time but I do know that decade birthed good music. This and Mary J.'s What's the 411?, as well as My Life. They're brilliant!

I still remember being young, sitting in the back seat of my mom's Toyota Camry singing "I'm Going Down" as if I had first-hand experience with the emotion that went into that song. Apparently, I was intense as a child when it came to singing love songs. The very few folks that have walked in on my singing sessions may argue that I still am. Just yesterday, I belted out every lyric from Joss Stone's "Spoiled". Luckily no one was home to witness.

The point here though, is that I need to some albums from back in the day (although it's arguable that they are legitimate old school records) to become a part of my present. They are calling my name and asking me to buy them.

Once, I start working, pay my bills and set some money aside for savings, I will purchase them. It'll be my treat!

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