Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 in the morning.

yupp. like the title says. it's 3 in the morn. and i'm just up. idk why. but since i have nothing else to do [besides homework. ugh! lol], i decided to write. this week has been good. my second week of classes is done. only 8 more to go. && my teachers are pretty hilarious, so it won't be such a drag. then i'll have a week back in my city, LA. woot!! woot!!

some of this weeks events include:
apartment shopping with my roomies for next year.
ha ha ha. that's them!! zena, nancy && terese, from left to right. i love them. =] anywho. we found this cute house duplex thing. i totally fell in love with it. && we filled out applications. but nancy isn't so sure about it. =/ anywho... there will be more apartment shopping in the next few weeks. i hope we get approved soon. pray for me, please? && thankies.

next event is:
going to see mavis staples [of the staple sisters] at the mondavi center on my campus. it was a hella good show. i didn't really know who she was until she sung this song.
i was grooving to it to say the least. lol. she has an amazing voice. and she has a new album out. i might even go cop it. ha ha ha. fa real tho.

i've also met hella new [black] people this week. and i love meeting new people. especially in davis. so yeah, that was a major plus for my lovely. 

i wonder what will go down. probably nothing since i'm stuck in davis with no means of transportation to the outside world. but i'm gonna keep hope alive.

oh yeah. i was just being a youtube addict. then i started looking at songs i used to listen to non-stop. and i don't think this song with ever get old to me. i just love it. enjoy!!

okay. last event i'll talk about is soul speaks. it's like a talent show without the prices, followed by soul food. sounds good, right? i know. and i performed, with the BCM [black campus ministries] choir. it was great. and people think i can sing now. lol. they must not know. but i'm gonna put out a video of me singing soon. look out for that. && on that note, i'm calling it a night.

p.s. i have a crush on someone. ahhhh!!!!

bye guys. leave comments and tell others about my blog. i'm gonna try to make it interesting next time.


zena said...

hey D
i just wanted to say that i am overly psyched to be the first to follow your blog and that you mentioned me in it.... i also wanted to say that i am surprised that u put in that u have a crush on someone ...what if someone who has a crush on you that you dont have a crush on thinks that you are talking about them !!!! then what.... lol what did i just say ?!?! :/

dD0T said...

lol. dude. i thought about that. but then... i just erased it from my mind. lol. it's just a crush. it's not like i'm in love or something.

zena said...

that's true crushes come and go,

hey does your crush know that u like him ...i forgot...if not tell him soon so i can know all the juice details ;)