Monday, January 12, 2009

introducing DEONNA...

I said I was gonna come back and elaborate on my life. So... Here I am.
I recently cut my hair. It wasn't like Rapunzel long in the first place, but my hair was soooo damaged. I thought what a perfect time to just chop some of it off. Mom was paying for it and it's a new year. wooooot woooot. '09!! But that's the only thing I'm changing about myself. I'm gonna grow this year, not change.

More about me, you say??

I am a 18. & a freshman, at UC Davis. wooooo!! go aggies!!!!
I'm from Los Angeles. Sometimes I miss it; sometimes I simply don't. I'm a Communications Major and I'm thinking about double majoring or minoring in Art. ahhhhh. I don't know what I want to do with my life. Throughout this blog, you'll probably read about me wanting to change my career choice a lot. lol. I find something new at least once a week. There's just so much stuff out there to do. I want to do it all!! 

I'm taking a beginning drawing class right now and I'm kind of loving it. The teacher is awkwardly funny, and a bit mean to some of the students but not me. I think he might be one of my favorite teachers. That up there is my first assignment, a self portrait. We had to put it up in front of the class and our teacher [mike h.] would critique it. After hearing some of his reactions to my peers' drawing, I was scared to even put mine up, but to my disbelief he said I didn't do soooo bad. yay me!!! [in london tipton's voice]. ha ha ha. yes, I still watch the disney channel. goood stuff, man, goood stuff.

Okay. So, I'm going to give a mini-autobiography of myself. I was born in CA. I lived in Georgia for 2 years. but I don't really remember those days. I was very young. Then I came back to LA, where I pretty much molded into this very great person. I graduated high school with honors. My plan was to attend NYU or Wellesley in MA. But that didn't quite work out for me. My final decision became the University of California, Davis which I am very proud of. I am planning to take advantage of my college years by taking random classes, meeting random people, doing research, landing an internship and studying abroad before I graduate. Enough about school!!

I am the oldest child of two. I am kinda spoiled but the level to which I get everything I want has changed since I turned 18. booooo!! but yay for being legal. I blew out my candles on November 5th. I am single. and ready to mingle. =] I love sneakers, but I haven't bought any in a while. =/ I'm on a bit of a budget. I love pizza hut pizza!! denny's strawberry lemonade. ihop's stuffed french toast. burger king's chicken nuggets. popeye's fries. and chocolate cupcakes from torrance bakery. I hate driving; I'd much rather be sitting in the passenger seat.

I love all my friends, both the old and new. My roomie is super cool. My roommates for next year are super cool too. Over all, I'm pretty content. I love my life. =] 
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