Wednesday, January 28, 2009

college life has been so lovely. i've grown so much. 
first quarter of my first year down. 2 more to go.
and when my first year is over... big whoop!!
i can no longer live in the dorms; it's bitter sweet.
so, me && my roomies go together && found a place to live.
then we went for it. they said we're ahead of the game.
so.... i'm hella happy, cuhz. not that i bang or any thing. =]
this is us. in the leasing office. hellz yea!!! official!!


yes. my hair is a mess. but i'm getting it done this friday.
&& i'm getting a taste of the bay this weekend.
look out for pictures from that adventure. i'm juiced! =]

ta ta for now.

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