Sunday, January 25, 2009

new hair... maybe?




that's me. people keep telling me they love my hair.
but i'm feeling like i need a new look.
i think i shall cut my hair (again!) next week.
&& i am in dire need of some lovin'.
i am enjoying (college) life so much right now.
i have great friends. i'm involved on campus.
i smoke. i drink. (just kidding! i do neither of those) 
...but i do have fun. (HELLA fun!)
BUT, a girl has needs. lmao. ahhhhhh!!!

oh. && that is charcoal on my face.
i was drawing. and i got bored.
and i have nothing more to say.
best friend says my blog is wack.
i kinda agree. but it's kind of hard to convey... 
everything that goes on. geeeeez louise!!

p.s. i LOVE when boys give me attention.
so, i get crushes easily. i have a new one. LMAO.
and on that note.

"i'm not a player... i just crush a lot"
-fat joe. (thass mah nigggga!)


zena said...

omg you have a new crush, wait a different one from the one that you told me about last week??

man girl you need a man, and who ever you pick will be one lucky person because you have some serious urges that sounds gross !!! lol leave it to me to make things awkward. :)

deonna said...

lol. yes!! a new one. ha ha ha ha ha ha. i'm just weird that way. and i must update you on my life outside of this blog. lol.

p.s. you are really awkward but it's part of the reason i love you. =]