Friday, February 6, 2009

my love for love...

i love love love the feeling of being in love, showing people love, just the simple phrase, "i love you"  warms my soul. there is just nothing like it. the only problem is... i don't have it. i mean... i have that family love, that best friend, good friend, acquaintance love... but i don't have the love of a man that i love and who genuinely cares about me. i've had guys and i still to have guys that are interested in me. but the feelings just aren't mutual. i don't know what it will take to get that love back that i kind of used to have but i want it. cause i love it. i want this type love...

this isn't a "i can't find a good man" rant. i just haven't found anyone for me. i guess it takes patience... && i'm only 18. i have plenty of time, right?

1 comment:

zena said...

Just watched the vid it was super sweet! i hope that you find that love Deonna!!!

....oh and while we are on the topic of love ;)
did you know that you and Brandon are compatible ????? yep its true, if you just give him a chance maybe something will happen

hhahahhah cant wait to see what happens!