Monday, May 18, 2009

be coooool...

Take Off Your Cool (Feat. Norah Jones) - Andre 3000

take a listen. i know it's kind of old, but nevertheless, it's beautiful. this song is definitely speaking to me right now. i'm currently in the process of getting to know someone. and i think it's good for people to just "be cool" and not have to act a certain way to impress someone. and now that i'm thinking about it, this is a common thread that i have been writing about since i started this blog. just being yourself, keeping it 100% truthful, just being legit. it's something i also need to work on because it often seems like i put up my guard when guys try to get close to me. i shut them off and in that they also end up shutting me off. and we're in this place where everything is just not the same.

it also has a lot to do with being able to feel safe while being vulnerable. that goes into another one of my favorite songs entitled "vulnerable" by secondhand serenade. the singer is talking about how BOTH people in the situation are supposed to be vulnerable. it's virtually impossible for just one person to be vulnerable and for things to work out for the best.

i was talking to dj wes (check his blog: a few days ago and i pointed out how i could go on about relationships for days... but i'm going to stop now because i want to know your thoughts.

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DeeJayWes said...

yea i love this tune to damn yu must have the same ear for music as me lol ...... anyways im waiting on another earthquake