Thursday, May 14, 2009

yet another priceless convo. =]

best friend: i need to b=go back to the dentist
me: why haven't you?
best friend: afraid
me: nigga, suck it up.
me: you don't want your teeth to fall out. do you?
best friend: they aint sucka
me: they are. and when they do. i shall point and laugh at you.
me: go to the dentist!!!!
me: ::yelling face::
best friend: tomorrow k
me: you just gonna go? you don't have to set an appointment?
best friend: nope
best friend: imma call
best friend: and be like comin
best friend: so be ready to work in my mouth lol
me: lmao.
me: you're hella dumb.
me: you a G tho.
me: that's why you my best friend.
best friend: indeeed i am!
best friend: lol

to the unaided eye... this conversation might not be tummy aching hilarious.
but to someone who know us... it probably is... because it's very serious.

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