Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i feel like writing...

STOP: before you read, i haven't written anything a while; just getting back into the groove of things. =] i plan on performing a piece at open mic night when school starts in the fall. hopefully, that all works out.


...deonna, daughter of a mother whose husband was not faithful-and i want her to know life goes on. stay up. and never settle for less, again.

i am the daughter of a father that was there, but only part of the time-and i want him to know i deserve better than that. i deserve to be treated like the princess that i am, for soon, i will be a queen.

i am fed up with all the excuses. tired of being let down.

i am sister a of boy who strives get out from my shadow-and i want him to know he doesn't have to live up to me. i am not perfect; no one is.

i am a girl of a best friend that does not know her worth. and i want her to know that we're in this game of love together. it takes time and patience to be a winner.

i am happy to be a support system. i am working through my life. and trying to help others. i am a fighter. i am a writer. i am a teacher. i am a learner.

i am deonna... daughter, sister and best friend.

let me know what you think. i'm open to constructive criticism.


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TianaBeee said...

aww deonna. i feel it.
i never got to really really get to know u so its nice to get to know u through ur words.
cool beans =]
its funny, our roles in life define us but also reject us simultaneously.