Monday, June 8, 2009

let's get naked and bake cupcakes.

lmao. you might be thinking... why this title? and in all seriousness, i have no idea. just popped in my head. this post might be all over the place... but hey!! my mind is really jumbled right now.

now for random thoughts (at 10:47 p.m.):
-i have a final tomorrow night at 8:30. it's a ridiculous time, right? good thing i don't have a final the next morning. oh wait!!! i do. but after that i'll be done. and i can take a nap!! :) then pack up all my crap. (i have wayyy too much stuff to pack up by the way... so much that i can't take it all home. storage... yes yess!!). 
-at 12:30 p.m. on wednesday, i am officially done with my freshman year. oh shoot!!! i survived. thank you, Jesus!!!!!
-this summer shall be fun; i already have some plans. and i have a lot of catching up to do, with some folks that i miss dearly.
-i can't wait to get my hair done. it's been too long. i need a retouch, and a cut. yes! i am re-cutting it. i don't feel like letting it grow out.
-despite me having way too many clothes, i still find myself wanting to go to the mall or order stuff online. tisk tisk. i need intervention. =/
-this is the story of my life. awesomeness? take a listen.

-i really should be studying... but i don't wanna. but i should. so i'm gonna. :) i'm a scholar.

p.s. i do want some cupcakes. definitely taking a trip to torrance bakery when i get home. :) wanna come with?

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