Tuesday, June 2, 2009


shoes shoes & more shoes. i recently wrote about how i need to go shopping for shoes. and now, i am saving up all that i can after tithes & offering, phone bill is paid, and food is paid for (basically, shoes fund gets added too after my basic needs are taken care of). it might take a while, but i gotta start somewhere, don't i? i currently have about $30 in my shoe fund. and i am most definitely accepting donations =] . thanks in advance, my loves!!

until a couple weeks ago, i despised the idea of wearing heels. now i just want stacks and stacks of them in my closet. i may still have problems walking in them tho. yikes! i want some of these (those are beyonce's feet, BTW). idk where i'd wear them... but i think i'd look marvelous in them. if you have any idea where i could get some, post it in a comment.


1 comment:

novisi said...

love your style!

you sure would look sexy in da heels.

just remember to wear dem to ma doorsteps!