Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i miss my nose ring. i had to take it out for orientation and work. and it hurt too bad when i tried to put it back in. now i'm stuck with this dot on my nose. lol. i think i'm gonna get it re-done in september, when i'm no longer working. =]


oh yeah! i re-cut my hair. i'm gonna let my bangs grow out. hopefully, my hair grows fast. cause if it ends up taking forever, i'm gonna get tired of it and cut it all off!!! lol. =]


Anonymous said...

ur hair cut is to cute... i wanna get a perm and style my hair in a short cute cut.. and im sorry about the nose ring babe..

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Oh My I LOVE your hair!!!!!! I wish i could rock it that short!!! Mines is cut short, but i want it way shorter!!!......lol...i'm afraid my head might be too big though so i always back out at the last minute!!

deonna said...

thanks, girls. :) i was scared to cut it at first. but i started simple. cut it in a bob style in january and now, here i am.