Tuesday, July 14, 2009

dear sumer,

i find myself questioning my love for you. in 2008, you brought me new friends, brought back old friends, gave me good conversations and good laughs. i got my nose pierced, ate good food, went to the fair, partied hard. you taught me a lot by having something fun, interesting or random for me to do ALMOST everyday. i enjoyed you. i miss you and your greatness. from my graduation from high school to the start of my freshman year, there was never (and i mean NEVER a dull moment). why have you turned your back on me? why did you change?
since i have been home (for about 4 weeks), i have probably had about a weeks worth of fun. i've been working at night (which kind of sucks) then sleeping my day away. and on my off days, i don't do anything simply because i don't know what to do with my time. i started to ask myself if something was wrong with me. best friend and i began to contemplate if we are just "wack" and have absolutely no lives. i feel disconnected with LA. some of the "friends" i have here are no longer really friends. they are just people i kind of know. and honestly, i am okay with that. but i think they need to be replaced. lol. yes, summer... i want you to give me new friends!!! people that are one the same page as me, who are not just here for this summer, that i enjoy just chilling with.
summer, i have less than 2 months until i'm heading back to the city of davis and i want to have some good laughs before i am on the 5, on my way to begin my second year of college. i want to have some memories to take back. help me out please.

desperately needing liberation.

sidenote: i made a post a while back saying i'm cool with just having a handful of friends BUT at the end of the day, if you see these people every single day... it gets kind of bland. of course, i always have a good time with a girls; i just need something new. and i need to network, make some connections. at the end of the day... in order to get ahead in life, it's almost always about who you know. (i want God to lead me to the right people).

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