Saturday, July 4, 2009

I got a crush on you...

i was over at with love, starz catching up on some blog reading. starz had a post about having a white boy crush. i grew up in a predominately african american and latino neighborhood. went to predominately african american and latino schools. that was what i was used to. in this past year, i've been in classrooms where i was virtually the only african american present (most seats were filled with caucasian or asian students; the african and african american population is a mere 2%). 

it seems only right that i would like guys of a different race now due to my circumstances:
  • i have been around them for 9 months
  • i didn't that that many options in my community because women outnumber the man by a large margin (and most of them are already taken anyway).
  • i'm down for trying new things.
but the truth of the matter is... i didn't meet any guy from a different race that peaked my interest. nevertheless, i do find many attractive. maybe in the upcoming years, i'll be able to broaden my dating horizons.

and without further adieu... this is the caucasian hottie i would like to meet.





you may have seen him in 'She's The Man' or 'Step Up'. if not, check both movies... i like them!! any thoughts? leave them in a comment. smooches!



Muze said...

ummm soooo. channing tatum is kinda MY white bf. thanks.


after john mayer, of course. oh, and brad pitt. yum.

i've gone out with a white guy before. twas interesting. didn't last past a few dates though.

nice blog!

i'm attempting to read and interact with every follower of my blog. luvuguys.

and this mirah person is dope! thanks.

i shall return.

deonna said...

oh my gosh, john mayer definitely gets a thumbs up from me.
and he can sing!!!! oOoOo!!! lol.

yeah. mirah is great. i want to choreograph something to that song.
i got inspired by this dance:


rihbread said...

i love white boys,
but !
a lot of white boys just want to date a black girl for the simple fact that they are black.
its hard to find a white guy that wants me for me,
not because im ethnic,
&& they wanna "try it"
you know ?