Thursday, July 2, 2009

ME time is a GOOD time. (rants!)

i love my friends. i love my family. i love talking to them, chilling with them, doing ALMOST everything with them. i really do. BUT sometimes, i just need to be left alone. unfortunately, my house is always FULL of people. since being away from college i've gotten use to having space to myself (my roomie went home almost ever weekend), and i NEED that back asap. my mom isn't allowing me to drive my car so i can't just get away as i please. =[ the friends i can depend on are few, and i don't want to have to depend on them for everything such as getting me out of the house, especially when the issue is being ALONE (kind of defeats the purpose, ya know?). i need my independence back!!!! ahhhhh!!! not only that, i need to start saving money so i'll never have to depend again. 

boys, boys, boys. in-N-out like the hamburger restaurant. lol. it's all good. they talk a good game but at the of the day, i just keep getting left unhappy. i just see the guy as not for me, or "friend material" or just ugh. lol. might be cause i really need to stay single, so that I can focus on me, my relationship with God, my education and my future in general. cause time waits for no (wo)man. and being all "goo-goo eyed" will distract me and cause me to waste time (especially if we're not on the same page---which might mean i shouldn't give him the time of day in the first place... hmmmmm).

also, my mood has been going up and down all week. why? idk exactly, but i think it has a lot to do with my not trusting that God will do just what He said. I need to get back to that asap. Otherwise, I'm just all over the place.

sheeesh, i had soooo much more to say before i went to sleep last night. maybe it will come back to me. i hope it does. and soon. look out for some new post.

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