Thursday, July 2, 2009

yum yum yum.


with this name, often comes the thoughts of organic food that is overpriced...
honestly, i think it's totally worth it.
last night, my mom and i went for the first first to buy fruit.
i had a bowl of cherries about 15 minutes ago.
and they were possibly the best i've ever tasted.


check their website and find a store near you. =]

p.s. i think whole foods should pay me for advertising. lol.


pb™ said...


it's cheaper and still organic lol

deonna said...

lol. i have no idea was ftw means. lol. enlighten me?
but i do love trader joes as well. i didn't know it was cheaper tho.
thanks for that cause i'm gonna start grocery shopping for myself soon.
i need to know where the deals are. lol.