Tuesday, July 7, 2009

time flies when you have stuff to do...

in the past few weeks, i've been trying to post something everyday. this weeks just started and i'm already tired from everything that's going on (the reason i haven't posted anything since saturday). i've had a few moments where i could've just posted something crappy, but i wanted to sit down and take my time with it.

here we go...

  • i don't really celebrate independence day simply because my people were not set free on this day. what is there to be happy about? why go bar-b-q, lay out on the beach and watch fireworks when African Americans do not in any way, shape or form benefit from this "holiday"?
  • i got a lot of questions of what i was gonna do. i replied simply, "i don't have anything planned." and it stayed that way. on saturday night, i kicked back with little brother and enjoyed watching tv. it was cool.
SUNDAY, JULY 5, 2009
  • i was supposed to go to church with my good friend, amber. but i cancelled because i felt a tug on my heart, to go to my home church.
  • i'm happy i went. the choir sung "I Trust You" by James Fortune & FIYA [go here to listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRwQy2eQbJM]. to say that it hit home would be an understatement. that song spoke directly to me and my situation. i haven't been trusting God like i should. [i spoke about this last weeks as well]. i felt like everything is just piling up and i didn't know how i was going to handle it. from making sure that the classes i'm taking in fall aren't useless to making sure all my financial aid is straight to coming up with money to pay registration on my car and figuring out everything i need before i move into my apartment in september; it was just soooo overwhelming. God was speaking to me... for real!! i'm trusting him whole-heartedly from now on because He will do just what He said.
  • i started my job. very tiring, i must say. but i'm gonna keep on going and being thankful because there are many people that want a job, need a job (or another). i'm blessed to have one, ya know?
MONDAY, JULY 6, 2009
  • went to huntington beach with thee bestest. it was just like old times. oodles and oodles of laugh fest. lmao. i love her. some highlights include: almost dying on the freeway (it was a merging lane-she didn't realize it-we almost got smashed by an 18-wheeler) and laughing about it (why we laughed? idk. but i know that God was with us, cause that was crazy!), finding this cool vintage store. they had these pants that i must own. i didn't have money to spare, so hopefully i'll go back in a couple weeks and they'll still be there.
  • we were starving after roaming the beach and store area. we had a tough time trying to figure out what to eat; finally decided on sushi.
  • when we got to the restaurant, we looked at the menu and ended up ordering something totally different. but it was yummy!!!
  • had work this night. i really should've been sleep while i was out having fun. because i was soooooo drained when i got off.
  • best friend works with me. and we were working in the same area for most of the night. it was cool to have someone i know there, cause the night before i was a bit lonely. =/
and now it's TUESDAY, JULY 7th, 2009... i've slept away half of my day, watched tv, chilled with my little cuzzos. and it felt soooo good. now, i shall eat. chill, take a little nap. then go to work.

i wish i would've taken pictures over the weekend. oh well, next time!!! =]

adios; look out for a post tomorrow, or the next day.


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