Sunday, July 12, 2009

you are the creator of your happiness...

my dad and grandma came to visit me today. we watched the m.j. memorial because we didn't get to watch it that day. (RIP) and we just talked and chilled. i love my grandma; she's the sweetest. and my dad is pretty cool too, once you really talk to him. here's something that stood out to me in our conversation.

my grandfather told me, "you gotta do something to make yourself happy everyday... even if it's just eating a scoop of ice cream."

-mi padre.

this lead me to think about all the little things in life that make me feel all tingly inside:
1. when my grandma makes mac & cheese when i come home for vacation. =]
2. late night talks with little brother and mother.
3. tall glass of orange juice (with lots of pulp), at any time of the day.
4. reading thought provoking blog post
5. random "good morning, beautiful" text 
6. laugh fests with the bestest
7. discovery good music
8. art. both my own and others. (ART 2 at my school made me realize this)
9. always being on the same page with best friend
10. great conversations with random people
11. strange looks from friends, family (and strangers. lol) when i break out dance moves randomly. lmao. =]
12. off days.
13. pulling almost all-nighters with friends because we waited til the last minute to write our 10-page essay that is due at 8:00 a.m. (sometimes it sucks in the moment, but i believe it's a bonding mechanism). 
14. talking about boys with my girls.
15. knowing that even if i have no one else, i have God.

there is sooooo much more, but i didn't want to bore you with my list. i'm sure you all can relate to some of the things on my list... what are some (other) simple things that make you all happy?


simone_dior said...

♥ this. i'm glad you cherish your time spent w/ your fam, esp. your grandmother. i was very close to mine and lost her. i would give almost anything to talk to her just once more. and older folks ALWAYS give the best advice, don't they? :D

deonna said...

yes, they do give the greatest advice. and i know how you feel. both of my grandfathers are no longer alive. and one of my uncles, who was very wise. one more conversation would be wonderful.