Friday, November 20, 2009


WELLNESS is something that my friends, co-workers, and everyone else I often come in contact with often on campus discuss. Taking care of yourself, and just making sure that you're good before you go helping others is really important in eliminating burnout, staying balanced and being successful. This year I am really involved on campus. At some moments I feel like I am too involved in both community and other communities. I was talking to a friend not too long ago and we were discussing working out and eating right. Before this school year started, I was doing just that. Then, BAM! I'm skipping meals left and right, not being able to find time to put hitting the gym in my schedule (or if I do, I may not have enough strength to even work out).

I just wanted to commend those who work, go to school, are involved on campus (and possibly doing more) and are still finding time for themselves. Give me some tips!!

I also wanted to say if you're reading this and you find that you can relate to that first paragraph, take some time off for yourself. It is necessary for your physical and mental health. FOR REAL! I have seen people burn out. It is not a good look. I've also seen people fail classes because they are too focused on other things. I wouldn't want that to happen to you or me.

Let's get to it, people. Write "ME TIME" in your planner at least twice a week. It can be something as simple as just watching your favorite TV show for thirty minutes or as big as getting away for a whole weekend. If you enjoy it, do it! (but I do endorse good, clean fun!!!=])

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