Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Up and Coming: Jermaine Clark


Jermain Clark is a 23 year old student and artist, currently located in St. Louis, Missouri. Jermaine's interest include fashion and music, in particular Hip Hop, which has been a major influence in his art work. Who doesn't love Hip Hop? I know I do! A few of his favorite musical artist are Big Sean, The Cool Kids, and Asher Roth.

One of his most recent pieces include more of his favorite artists: Kid Cudi, Drake and Wale.


As described on his blog, named Kriteek'd, "We are always being watched/judged, especially those who are pursing things that would be considered “different” by society or in my case, entering the competitive world of art. I feel like the criticism that we get should be embraced and taken as a tool to keep chasing our dreams."

In other words, we should take in all the opinions from others, appreciate them and use them as fuel to keep pushing and moving forward in order to reach our dreams. I could not agree more. Criticism can be a good thing and sometimes even help us improve more than we ever could without it. Keep on pushing despite the toughness that comes in the field of art, and any other field.

Below is a video of his "I AM KRITEEK'D" Urban Art Show.

See more of his work on Kriteek'd. Start spreading the word about this Up and Comer!!

In the words of "If you're not being talked about, you're doing something wrong."

---Peace & Love,
Deonna Nishay

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bBreezy360 said...

I posted a comment on your fist post about your up & coming... I love this artist and the picture you included...very talented